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Christian Siriano is ‘Having a Moment’

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“Guess who’s bizzack?” The most successful, memorable and one of my Project Runway faves EVER will star in a one-hour special — Christian Siriano: Having a Moment airing Monday, April 5 at 10PM ET/PT on Bravo.

Christian Siriano — notorious for introducing his Siriano-isms like “hot tranny mess”, “ferosh” and “fierce” to the masses — will oversee his fashion line and Payless Shoe Collection, prepare for New York Fashion Week and fit celebs–all while maintaining a healthy balance of work, friends and family.

Be sure to keep an eye out  for me when they show Fashion Week clips. I may have brief appearance. That means no blinking because you’ll probably miss it. I covered Christian Siriano’s show last season and managed to get backstage. Yes, I’m claiming my five minutes of reality TV fame. Please don’t judge me.

Check out this sneak peek:
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Interview: Stefanie Skinner, Kell on Earth

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It takes more than a pair of cute heels and a pretty face to deal with the high stress of the fashion PR world. One of the stars from Bravo’s Kell on Earth, Stefanie Skinner spoke to The NYLA Report in an exclusive interview about the ins and outs of fashion PR, thoughts on Stephanie Voorhees and her infamous mentor and PR maven–Kelly Cutrone.

How was it like working with Bravo and filming Kell on Earth?

It was just another day in the office while we were filming- business as usual the only difference was having cameras in the office.

Stefanie, you are such a workaholic! How do you balance work and a social life (if that’s even possible)?

I’m starting to find that balance a little bit right now. I’m trying to make more time to have some kind of a life although I still work a lot, but I am now realizing after watching the show that sometimes you need to learn to call it a day because after a certain point you need to make ME time or else you will not be helpful to anyone or will become extremely burned out.

Honestly, what did you REALLY think of Stephanie Voorhees?

Honestly, I think that Stephanie is a good person, but she just was not a right fit for People’s Revolution.

Who are your favorite designers?

I love the clients that we work with at People’s Revolution- they are all really great!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, I’m not really sure where I see myself, but I am excited to see where this all takes me. If I was asked five years ago where I see myself- I would have never guessed all of this would have happened. I’m trying not to plan the next five years because I think the journey is going to be very interesting.

How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style is what looks good, feels comfortable and makes me feel more confident. I’m not very high maintenance, but every girl likes to look and feel good when she steps out of her house in the morning.

What is the best advice you can give someone interested in fashion PR?

The best advice I would give to someone interested in fashion PR is to first get it out of your head that it is going to be a glamorous job- because it is not. If you really want to work in fashion PR you have be dedicated, hard working, have common sense and really have a drive to learn from those above you and you’ll learn the most from the ground up. I recommend interning at as many places as possible to get a feel for other companies- agency vs. in-house. There is a lot to learn and if you are willing to go the extra mile- you will make it far.

What is the greatest thing you learned from working with Kelly Cutrone?

The best thing I’ve learned from Kelly is to always give your best, never give up and believe in yourself. Kelly really is an amazing person to work for and I am very lucky to work so close with her because she truly is an inspiration and an amazing mentor. Kelly– thank you!

Don’t forget to catch the season finale of Kell on Earth tonight on Bravo at 10 pm EST!


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Don’t Be Tardy for the Party


Items in this set:

I found this neat program on the net today called Polyvore and I’m hooked! This is my FIRST editorial I created, but give me some slack — I’m a freakin’ newbie for cryin’ out loud. I’ll master it in no time, but Anna Wintour betta watch her back!


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Tom Ford Launches Lipstick Line!

Get ready, makeup lovers! Women  (and some men) can get a piece of Tom Ford from his new lipstick, Private Blend Color via Estée Lauder, that launches on June 1.  Former Gucci designer took 12 bold, classic shades and gave them his own striking stamp (figuratively and literally – his initials come embossed on the lipstick).  Priced at $45 a pop, the lipsticks will be available at Saks and Neiman Marcus.

Ford has to be one of the sexiest guys in the fashion industry, but the only way I’m spending $45 for a tube of  lipstick, if Tom Ford comes with it. Hey…I’m just sayin’.


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‘The Hills’ Say Buh Bye!

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All good things—or things that were once good and have since become played out—come to an end. Finally after six seasons, MTV and the producers of The Hills made a conscious decision to put a fork in it. The sixth and FINAL season will premiere on Tuesday, April 27th at 10pm ET/PT.

I think this decision was for the best. After Lauren Conrad left the show, it totally went downhill. Kristin Cavallari came in as “The Bitch is Back,” but the season was such a disappointment. Besides being a maneater/boyfriend stealer, it looks like Kristin will have to find a REAL job.

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LA Fashion Week To Live Stream Runway Shows

Couldn’t make out to LA Fashion Week? Don’t fret because will stream Concept LA and Shanti Style fashion shows live from the runway.

LOS ANGELES–March 20, 2010– To coincide with LA Fashion Week,, the internet’s one-stop premier destination for live video content, will stream Concept LA and Shanti Style’s fashion shows live from the runway.  Subscribers won’t miss a moment of the much-anticipated shows and can get in on all of the action at Downtown Los Angeles’s Spring Arts Tower on Monday, March 22nd from 7pm – 9pm PST and Tuesday March 23rd from 6pm – 9pm PST.

The reveal of the fashion giant’s Fall 2010 Collection will be available to SwaggMedia’s 40 million + subscribers, who can access apparel, accessories, health, beauty, and other products through the website as well.  The pioneering partnership between Shanti Style and SwaggMedia will make the event accessible to viewers around the world that would never have the chance to see the show in person, and also join in the celebration of Shanti Style’s launch of their online market place.

SwaggMedia, the technology division of SMI, is a media company which was founded to create a new global communications infrastructure for the delivery of the world’s information and communication services (i.e. voice, audio, video, data, streaming media).  SwaggMedia has built proprietary technology that will be the one-stop destination for news, commerce, social networking, original content, and live streaming video.

Log on to to watch the stream live!


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Interview: Ris Tena, Funk in the Trunk

(From left to right: Ris Tena and Piper Carter)

What happens when fashion, hip-hop and Detroit talent collide under one roof? You get a little somethin’ somethin’ like Funk in the Trunk. Solely on the premise of the name alone, this is not your ordinary fashion show. It will showcase an urban, eclectic mix of all ends of fashion and design, from street wear and spandex to accessories and will even include some local performances.

Ris Tena aka Ris Money, a local B-girl and fashionista, is making a fashion debut with her collection – the GoldCrateClub, which features vintage track jackets, sweat suits and wind breakers. Ris’ confidantes – Piper Carter, a high fashion photographer who shot for British Elle, New York Times, and Italian Vogue just to name a few and Cyndy Anderson, the set designer – are on the quest to capture the essence of Detroit’s up-and-coming artists inside the 5E Gallery this Tuesday.

Ris sat down with The NYLA Report to give us the scoop:

I’m totally diggin’ the name Funk in the Trunk. How did you come up with the idea?

Well, I’m planning on opening an online resale shop for vintage sportswear and I wanted to find a way to showcase it. I’m a part of The Foundation, which is the weekly female hip-hop night at 5E Gallery and I thought it would be cool to do a fashion show here since it hasn’t been done yet. Especially with Piper Carter here, I figured it would be a great way to showcase and to get good photos to put on the shop’s site.

You’re combining fashion and hip-hop culture…what do you want people to grasp from the show?

I want them to understand that fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or high fashion. Even the sportswear that is out there is very expensive. The goal of the event is to show people you can be fun and fashionable and we especially wanted to showcase Detroit artists too. When people think of Detroit, they really don’t think of fashion, but that’s not true.

Aside from Detroit’s style, how do you describe your own?

My number one thing is to be comfortable and it’s sooo important to me. I like really stretchy fabrics, but as a B-girl, when you’re in the circle and everyone is clearly looking at you from head to toe, I need to be comfortable to do these tricks, but I like to be cute and I don’t want to look like a boy when I’m dancing.

Funk in the Trunk will showcase all Detroit-based designers, artists, and talent such as Angela McBride of Peace.Love.Spandex, Haleem Rasul of Hardcore Detroit, Nneka Jackson of B-Flyy Creations, graffiti artist SinTex with MonsterCamp, Phillip Simpson, James of DSE@Grand and Eric Lowry with Freshman Clothing and others, and live performances from the likes of Miz Korona, Danny Brown, Street Justice, RenCen and Sheefy McFly.

For more information, check Ris’ blog: or follow her on Twitter: for frequent updates.


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