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Hot iPhone Fashion Apps

Who knew you know that you can use your iPhone to maintain your fashionista lifestyle? Yup, it’s true. I swear there are more lame iPhone applications out there than actual iPhones, but these are worth downloading:

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You already love DVF’s twitter, but getting the entire brand experience is super easy. Get up-to-the-minute news from the DVF team as well as shop the collection, browse latest runway shows, watch backstage videos, and locate the nearest stores. What’s more, there’s a bright-pink iPhone cover slapped with those iconic red lips so your entire phone can get in on the DVF game.

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Though it’s not a fashion application, we’ve been using Evernote to catalog all the style inspiration we spot on the Internet or in real life. Save, organize, and annotate your images and links for perusal later. Your inner obsessive compulsive will be thrilled you downloaded it!

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We know how addictive Chictopia can be, so be careful before you download this app onto your iPhone because you might never learn to function without it. Browse photos from their Style Gallery and read up on blog entries handpicked by the Chictopia editors. We hope to see that them adding uploading functionalities soon so we can upload our own outfits as well as browse others!

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Gucci’s app lets you view exclusive videos, fashion shows, latest collections, news, events, and store listings, but what’s really got us clicking is their Gucci Beats feature, which lets you mix your own music with samples compiled by Mark Ronson. Where to show your stuff off? Flip through their Little Black Book for listings of the nearest Gucci-approved restaurants, clubs, and bars in more than 20 international cities.

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It’s Fashion Week, and you don’t have time to stick around in front of your computer all day to wait for images from the latest runway shows. What to do? Download Style.com’s iPhone app and get images just hours later. Stay on top of things with the Style File blogs, show reviews, and video feeds.

Did I mention these apps are all FREE?



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Fashion Week Etiquette 101

Woohoo!! New York Fashion Week is officially one week underway! But whether you’re there for work or play, it’s imperative to know the do’s and don’ts of etiquette at Fashion Week. Follow these 5 rules and you will get through Fashion Week with ease:

Rule #1: Keep your Blackberry or iPhone glued to your hand

Being attached to your iPhone or BlackBerry is usually rude at social events, but at Fashion Week, it’s a must! How else are you going to tweet during shows? (ie: “OMG! Whitney and Lauren are both sitting front row at DVF!”)

Rule #2: Keep it cool

Yes, that’s a Michael Kors dress coming down the runway and you can’t contain your excitement anymore. But you must! Oohs and aahs may be used sparingly. Look like you don’t care, but you actually do. I know…it’s kinda weird.

Rule #3: Take off your sunglasses. Please.

While the bright runway lights and paparazzi flashes might seem like they could harm your retinas, but unless you’re Anna Wintour —wearing sunglasses inside is a major fashion faux pas.

Rule #4: Crashing is never cool.

Between the burly security guards at every entrance and an army of fashion PR girls, sneaking into a runway show that you’re not invited to is never cool—not to mention potentially traumatizing. Being turned away at the door in front of the well-dressed masses is complete embarrassment.

Rule #5: Don’t piss off the PR girls.

ie: “Kell on Earth” They spend endless months to prep for Fashion Week and they are the sole reason that you have an invite. Remember to say please and thank you and wait patiently in line. By the way, if you’re a “so-called diva”, you should leave your tiara at home.

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